Fellow Workers

Fellow Workers

Fellow Workers is a quarterly magazine produced by the State News Committee, a group delegated with that task by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria. The magazine’s purpose is “to provide news and viewpoints from individuals, congregations, committees or courts within the church and even beyond the church.” (PCV Code 2016) A selection of articles from the print edition are published here.

  • State News Committee: Luke Isham (convener), Neil Harvey, Phil Betts, Tony Zirngast
  • Editor: Chiara Bilyj
  • Online-editor: Luke Isham
  • Sub-editing: John Ballantyne
  • Design: Shiloh Longbottom
  • Photography: Dave Assender, Matt Duke

Submissions: We welcome unsolicited book reviews and opinion pieces and we also welcome requests to review particular books. Guidelines for articles and book reviews are available on request: fwsubmissions@pcv.org.au

Subscriptions: If you would like to update your contact details, add your name to the subscription list or receive email: fwsubscriptions@pcv.org.au

‘Ministry Moves’ column: If you have a ministry update, provide the name, type of ministry move, location and date to the Editor: fwsubmissions@pcv.org.au

Advertising: Rates, content and formatting by negotiation. Email fwsubmissions@pcv.org.au